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Frequently Asked Questions


If I use a re-manufactured toner cartridge, will it VOID our machines' warranty?
NO! They do remind you that the product is only as good as the remanufacturer! If someone tells you recycling will void your warranty, ask them to put it in writing!

Why would the people who sold me my laser printer say I need to buy new cartridges, rather than re-manufactured ones?
Since the profit margin on laser printers is low, most retailers hope to make sizable profits on the supplies (developers, toner cartridges, drums, etc.).

How do I know if I'm having a problem with my laser printer or toner cartridge?
Place another cartridge in your printer and test it out. If the problem disappears, it's the cartridge. We recommend you keep an extra cartridge on hand for several reasons; first, if your cartridge runs out, you'll have a spare to use immediately, second, you can find out right away if the problem is with the cartridge or the printer.

Will there ever be toner cartridge failures?
There will be occasional failures in all cartridges new or re-manufactured. That's why we offer a guarantee for our cartridges.

Why don't I get the manufacturer's claimed Page Yield from my cartridges?
Cartridge manufacturer's rate yield using a formula. The page yield on toner cartridges, depends on what types of printing you are doing. Manufacturer's yield estimate is based on each 8.5 x 11 inch sheet with 5% of the page black. (the formula is; a capital E, in 12 point courier type, printed 960 times on a page.) Printing a large amount of graphics with your data, could use twice that amount of toner.

Increasing Toner Cartridge Page Yield
All laser printers and plain paper fax machines have an image intensity adjustment dial, lever or utility. It is a fact which escapes some users, that the number of prints from a toner cartridge is not related to time of use, but inversely to the page coverage. One way to increase your number of pages per cartridge is to turn down the intensity.

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